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sputnick lamp – Go rustic with genuine rawhide lamp shades, the easiest way to come up with a country or rustic style. Even if your existing lamps and furniture are somewhat more traditional, make a warm american or american setting in any room.

Rawhide replacement lamp shades and table lamp colors will set the tone of your area and deliver the warm country or rustic flavor that creates such a relaxing and comfortable setting.

Rawhide chandelier lamp shades could create a natural focal point for your room and draw components along as the eye finds rawhide table lamp colors and floor lamp colors around the room. Mini lamp shades or clip on lamp colors are also ideal for a candelabra style lamp or wall sconce.

If you have a exceptional lamp which needs a special shade, rawhide lamp colors can be custom fitted to meet your specific needs. Rawhide lampshades are excellent for a log home or cottage in addition to country, ranch or rustic decor. Rawhide colors for rustic lighting compliment cottage, lodge style, rustic chic and rustic furniture like nothing else can.

Purchase Only Genuine Rawhide Lamp Shades

Genuine rawhide shades are cheap and redily available on the internet, so don’t settle for faux or immitation colors. Skilled leather employees with years of expertise carefully lace and form every color with genuine rawhide. Premium quality goatskin rawhides would be the desirable hides due to their durability and translucency. Each mask is hands stretched, slowly sun dried, then hand stitched to bring a sense of rustic beauty. If a lamp is switched on with an excellent rawhide lamp shade in place, its translucent character comes to life. The color allows light to emanate from inside to create a pure setting. Stretched rawhide lamp colors are works of art which will produce a dramatic affect in your furnishings and room.

A light creamy tan colour, they are ideal for southwestern décor and decorate other southwestern elements such as pottery, carved wooden bowls, Indian rugs and rustic furniture. Their light shade opens up a room and provides excellent light and feel. They are excellent for table lamps, sconces and chandeliers, log homes, cabins and cottages.

Western style rawhide lamp shades are fantastic accessories such as american lamps and décor. Made with natural dark rawhide, they’re a unique dark charcoal or smoked brown color and create a dark warm glow. Western rawhide changes more in tone from one hide to another with natural light and dark coloring observable from the hide. Western lampshades are fantastic for log homes and cabins in addition to ranch or lodge styles, complimenting dark wood tables, leather upholstery, tack, floor lamps and cowboy accessories.

Country Style rawhide lamp colors are extremely exceptional, hosting rich warm colours and grain pattern. Employing exactly the same hides as western or american, colour is added to dye the rawhide to a variety of colours, the hottest being dark brown, red and green. Called country lamp shades due to their colour, they really look good with southwest and western decor in addition to any country or rustic setting. Dark and rustic by day, they’re warm and rich by night.