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lamp shades san francisco – In case you’ve ever purchased rawhide lamp shades or any sort of lampshade for that matter over the telephone or on the internet, you are aware that it can be a challenging task. It can be very frustrating because different people measure lampshades differently.

The entire thing is complicated by telephone conversations and net ordering. If you understand the best way to measure a color to get the proper fit and communicate the appropriate size, you’ll avoid problems and get the lamp colour you’re expecting.

It isn’t important if the color is made from rawhide or not, there are a couple of tips you should know to accurately measure and order a colour and also terminology which can allow you to insure that the individual receiving your order is on precisely the same track. We create custom rawhide lamp shades for rustic western lamps and southwest home decorating. Because we encounter this issue constantly we’ve got some hints that we use to assure the appropriate look for a lamp, even without seeing ourselves.

How to measure:

  1. You will need to have three important dimensions, bottom diameter, top diameter and height. The bottom diameter is the dimension across the bottom opening of the lamp color. The height of a lampshade ought to be measured straight up and down, not over the slant. When conveying the dimensions different individuals and shops will set the three dimensions in different sequence, it’s not standard, so be careful that you’re not confusing the underside and height dimensions such as.
  2. The height ought to be measured straight down and up, but a few will measure across the slant. These two dimensions are often very different and induce the finished shade to be incorrect if confused. Always clarify the method by which the height is measured. We’ve discovered that lots of men and women who measure the slant of the colour refer to it as the colour’s length rather than height.

Height Measuring Tip:

Height Adjustment Tip:

If you’re thinking about a stock replacement colour, your lamp general height and appearance can be corrected. The cable harp that retains the color within the bulb is synonymous. This is great news if a typical shade is state an inch to short. Instead of needing to order a personalized colour you could alter the harp causing the color to sit lower on the lamp to offer you the desired appearance.

A standard shade mount has a centre bar across the top with a hole for the harp mount or a washer based by three supports that attach to the upper rim of the colour. Both allow the color to be secured to the harp. A bulb clip is simply two wire loops which are attached to the color’s centre bar and grip the bulb.

An bulb clip adapter could be added to any typical shade to allow it to be placed within the bulb. Chandelier lamp shades usually have built-in ribbon clips made for the little flame or candelabra shaped bulbs. Shades used as hanging lamps may use an uno mount which includes a centre ring big enough to get the bulb socket to maneuver through. These also look on a few table lamps. It’s possible to use a bulb clip on a substitute shade rather than an uno mount.

Consider putting these basic tips to work on the following rawhide lamp color or substitute lampshade project and you’ll make certain to measure, order and get the ideal size lamp colour the first time.

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